Every Tuesday at 6.15 pm, MUDS hosts practice debates called internals. Regardless of your experience level, come debate, adjudicate or watch a debate with us! We are super excited to announce the beginning of BP (British Parliamentary) season for Semester Two. Everything will be taking place online because of COVID-19. Visit the MUDS Facebook Page, the Events Page or import our Events Calendar for the registration forms, Zoom links and all of our events!

Here's the Zoom link for this semester's Internals and Member Training Sessions.

What is BP season?

British Parliamentary is the debating format for Semester 2 every year, as it coincides with major BP tournaments such as Word University Debating Championships (WUDC) and Australasian Women’s Debating Championship (Women's). In this format, there are four teams of two called the Opening Government (OG), Opening Opposition (OO), Closing Government (CG) and Closing Opposition (CO). Prep time is 15 minutes long and speaking times are 7 minutes. If you're new to this don't worry, just let us know in the registration form and we'll pair you up with someone who would be able to guide you.
Visit our Member Training page for more information about BP and debating in general!

Why come to internals?

  • practice your debating skills
  • meet new people or hangout with friends
  • practice critical thinking skills
  • get feedback on your speeches
  • learn more about this week's topic